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Currently due to the pace of work and social commitments , we feel the need to improve our appearance without compromising our time. As a result the procedures and the application of botulinum toxin ( Botox) and facial based on hyaluronic acid fillers, are emerging as an effective alternative to eliminate quickly and safely annoying facial lines and wrinkles. This gives us in one session a more relaxed and jovial adapting to the hectic pace of life .


A beautiful face requires qualities such naturalness and symmetry , facial plastic surgery can help correct defects and harmonizing that part of your face you need, with very natural results that will make you look and feel great. They say the first impression is never forgotten . Considering that the nose is the center of our face and our face is our first picture , this is where lies the importance of a harmonious and balanced nose.


Plastic surgery body contouring encompasses a wide variety of procedures to improve the appearance of those body parts that are not favored by genetics and even exercise , they fail to satisfy . Liposuction removes excess fat from which surplus and placed in those parts which can be benefited an increase in volume , for example in the gluteal region.


The breast volume and characteristics of the skin, are just some of the determinants of how well they can be our breasts . Problems such as small or excessively large breasts , sagging , asymmetrical harmony make perish with the rest of our body. Breast plastic surgery can correct and balance the appearance on any of these causes by providing specific solutions to each problem.